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Nightly Backups

Every hosting account is now backed-up nightly (including any MySql data bases). Not only is a nightly copy automatically put into your server account but also, a copy is collected by the standby server ‘Air-Two’ here at StrumIT-HQ in the UK..

was conceived a little under 10 years ago by System Administrator Wal, whilst running his recording studio in the northwest of England. Our hosting is aimed mainly at the working musician and the service provided is more of a co-operative effort rather than a profit making business, with the primary goal of keeping web hosing costs to a minimum.. To achieve this we host a small number of friends / clients sites to pay for for the maintenance of our private web and DNS servers.. Each hosting account comes with a personal client control panel with many auto scripts included. Your account can also be administered via FTP. PHP and Mysql are also available for the more demanding web site.. Independent web design services are also available. Please feel free to contact us for hosting package plans:

Please note: The recording studio and audio electronics projects have now been moved over to our System Administrator’s personal website:

New VPS for StrumIT

After trialling three European VPS for a month with companies from London, Amsterdam and Germany. I have settled for a VPS from top company Leaseweb.. The server is based at their German data centre and has a good specification with 100 / 1000 bandwidth, and quite capable of hosting literally hundreds of web sites.. I have upgraded the server to the latest version of Centos and decided to go with Zpanel (and the command line!) to administer my own web sites, and the few friend's / muso clients sites StrumIT hosts.. The server is also backed up with my own global name servers with full (virtually instant) DNS failover. So in the unlikely event (99.9% uptime) of the main server going down, the standby server here at StrumIT-HQ should come online in less than a minute! (Taken from the system admin's blog)